• It is preferable but not necessary to have a partner (we encourage to change partners every few minutes, unless you prefer to work with a partner you came with).  
  • Dress as you like but non-sticky shoes are needed (for pivoting)
  • Continuity of attendance for all classes is strongly recommended.
  • We teach only Argentine Tango from its most traditional form (our main teaching focus) up to its latest recent developments (which we continuously study and investigate). The technique taught is always modern and up to date, so that the dancers are comfortable and relaxed (especially in the close embrace, which is a major focus of our technique). We do not encourage people to divide Tango into Tango de Salon and Tango Nuevo, because Tango is Tango, and has never stopped evolving. Unfortunately, such separation is often based on ignorance and intolerance, which we strongly discourage.
                  and Alina