Welcome to Tango Manchester!

We are devoted to promoting Argentine Tango in the Manchester area, by providing exciting classes along with friendly and enjoyable social dancing (milongas).

Our milongas and classes attract people from beyond Manchester. Our milongas constitute the main tango event in Manchester and are the meeting place for all Tango lovers. Our classes are prepared with utmost care and are among the most popular and appreciated.

The techniques taught are modern and emphasise functionality, naturalness, dynamics and playfulness. They allow the dancers to effectively master and enjoy traditional tango with the most up to date functional technique. For a demonstration click here .


Weekly Tango Classes are suspended during festive period. They will resume mid January 2018. Watch this space for more info.

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1st Tango Ball in 2018 is on Friday, January 12th!

with D.J. - Paris

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 Last updated: 03/Jan/2018



 Ball Dates in the Longfield Suite in 2018:

Friday 12/01/2018

Friday 09/02/2018

Friday 13/04/2018

Friday 11/05/2018

Friday 08/06/2018

Friday 14/09/2018

Friday 12/10/2018

Friday 09/11/2018

Friday 14/12/2018